Flames to accidents that break my car!
My car can't drive at the moment and may be a write off[1]
Flames to glass going EVERYWHERE! I even found some in the freaking boot of my car!
Flames to the weird looking bruise across my collerbone and shoulder... hopefully it won't hurt after the shock wears off.
Flames to having to go home for a family gathering and not being able to crawl under a rock and hide like I want to.
Flames to the inevitable "mum going psychotic and killing me bit"[2]

oh, and flames to hook turns, getting a ticket[3], other people on the roads, my now having to use public transport, trams that obscure the road and people who keep telling me "it could have been worse"[4]

picture of car at

Fluffs to Kiki being okay![5]
Fluffs to Nuggiewuggie for the hugs!
Fluffs to the police officers for being sooo nice.
And massive fluffs to Maelin who gave me a lift home, thus sparing me a lecture from either parent on the way home.

I'm never, EVER driving in the city again. I'll catch a freaking tram!

~very, very, very lucky to not be dead today~

[1] I really hope it's not... they better be able to fix it.
[2] which will take place after the novelty of me being alive wears off.
[3] 2 demerit points and $85 (the officer thought)
[4] these people don't know my dear mother.
[5] Kiki was my passenger... the impact was on the passenger door
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Grrrrr! srsly!

(this is the same post as from my deviantart journal... It's just hiding here too)
(link --->

Srsly getting annoyed at the lack of cute boys paying attention to me. Stupid me being an attention whore[1].
I think my brain went into meltdown last night... either that of I'm officially insane. Got really bad giggles. Oh... and been having dizzy spells again... actually that might explain it.

Dizzy spells + Giggles = ?[3]

*sighs* Anyway... I think I'll just resign myself to being single for THE REST OF ALL TIME! because guys SUCK!
Makes me wonder what the point of loosing weight[4] and prettification[7] is for.

[1] You (should) all know it's true[2]
[2] *whores for attention*
[3] any suggestions as to what it means?
[4] ALL of my pants are too big[5]
[5] except, like, two pairs[6]... but they're really old ones and are way too small
[6] As far as I know... I don't actually know what's in the bottom of my closet... and I don't plan on venturing any deeper.
[7] stupid make-up/girlystuff
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